About tanzania stop tb partnership


The Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC), Directorate of Preventive Services through the National TB and Leprosy Programme (NTLP), intends to work towards zero deaths and suffering due to Tuberculosis in Tanzania. Based on this mission, the current strategy (2020-2025) expresses the ambition to continue and strengthen existing partnerships for effective TB response.

The STP model has been recommended by the Global STP and has shown great success in other countries. STP comprises a network of international organizations, countries, donors from the public and private sectors, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and individuals. In 2018, the UN High-Level Meeting that assembled Head of States passed a resolution to end TB by 2030. One of the proposed strategies is for countries to harness multi-sectoral efforts to end TB through collaboration and Partnership.

The Tanzania STP platform is a voluntary alliance between organizations and people from different sectors of society (private/corporate sector, government, civil society, etc.) who commit to work collaboratively towards TB prevention, treatment, and care, in which all partners contribute from their core competencies, and collectively catalyze an innovative approach towards ending TB in the country. 

The Tanzania STP will formalize and implement a strengthened collaboration to bring together all partners and increase efficiencies based on partners’ comparative advantage. In addition, the  Stop TB Partnership in Tanzania will contribute towards the reduction of the TB burden through strengthening advocacy, communication, social, and resource mobilization activities among partners.


The Partnership aims at bring together Organisations from different sectors in order to accelerate and catalyze End TB agenda. Stop TB Partnership is working towards zero deaths and suffering due to Tuberculosis in Tanzania. Based on this mission, Stop TB partnership Tanzania’s ambition is to continue and strengthen existing partnerships for effective TB response through the following commitments.

core values

All partners will maintain their own identity and participate in the partnership forum with that identity's strength. Furthermore, in order to evade that the Partnership is just a gathering, it is essential that a core governing body and a basic management structure are created. This would be the concrete base for the Partnership and would be the focal point for coordinating and controlling its activities. The STP will embrace the following core values intending to build a coalition of the willing to facilitate the country to achieve ambitious targets towards the End TB goal.

1. Diversity of partners

There is a wide range of members of the STP Tanzania: public and private organizations, the corporate sector, CSO’s and FBOs. Partners vary from big national organizations to small community-based organizations. Each partner brings in a wealth of experiences and networks, which need to be valued.

2. Transparency

Transparency in financial management, internal and external communication, and decision making are key for STP Tanzania and its members.

3. Sustainability

The STP Tanzania needs to be a sustainable organization requiring inspiring leadership, sound organizational and financial management, reliable partners who demonstrate long term commitment.

4. Equality of partners

The philosophy of partnering requires all those involved in the process to sacrifice their time and resources for the attainment of group norms regardless of their background, contributions, and duration of engaging in the partnering process. With this perspective, the equality of partners is inevitable.

5. Commitment

Partners who join the STP should be dedicated to the well being of the Tanzanian people.

6. Accountability

Together partners are responsible for the performance and the results of the STP Tanzania

7. Result oriented

STP Tanzania will work collaboratively to solve problems and achieve goals.

8. Trust and Integrity

Members are expected to interact, interchange ideas and views for the future growth of the partnership forum. STP Tanzania will invest in building good relationships among partners through collaborative activities, open discussions, and transparent decision making. STP members are expected to exhibit honesty and integrity at all times.